CHAT Teletherapy Webinar Series

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  • Building Social Skills for Hyperlexic Children 5/26/20 @ 3pm CST

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    CHAT's Hyperlexic Social Skills Webinar is going to discuss strategies and activities you can implement to support social and pragmatic language skills for children with hyperlexia. 

    Join Phyllis Kupperman, who wrote the book (literally) on hyperlexia, along with Ciara Nally, who leads our hyperlexia and teletherapy practice areas, for a Q&A session focused on strategies you can use today to support your child with regards to reading comprehension skills. Moderated by CHAT Director, Sara Tamborski.

  • Online Summer Program Info Session and Q&A 6/2/20 @ 3pm CST

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    Join CHAT's clinical leadership team for an interactive presentation on our 2020 summer program offerings! July 6 - August 6; 90-minute sessions. 

    *LEAP into Literacy for rising kindergartners

    *Language to Literacy (ages 6-12)

    *Social Communication Program for minimally verbal children (ages 10-18)

    *Executive Functioning Program (ages 10-18) - BRAND NEW in 2020! Also available in one-week sessions!

    CHAT accepts Medicaid insurances as well as Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna. If your child is not insurance-eligible, we will work with your family to make program accessible. CHAT offers scholarships. In this time of exceptional challenge, we are here for you.

We are thrilled to use our expertise to offer webinars for families, special education providers, and SLPs free of charge. However, if you have the means to do so, we ask that you consider a donation to CHAT in the amount listed below. We are a small nonprofit serving people with few—if any—other options, and the COVID-19 pandemic exponentially increases the number of people in this group. We are here to help, and your donation to CHAT will allow us to provide more services to the people who need them the most.

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