Donation Packages
  • 7-Day CTA pass for one patient

    **DONATION**Purchase a seven-day pass for a young person to commute to Broadway Youth Center, school, work, and appointments.

  • Estrogen Injection

    **DONATION**Provides initial lab tests to a transperson necessary to monitor health and hormone levels for injections.

  • Alternative Insemination

    **DONATION**Support the costs of literature and educational materials for an alternative insemination orientation session that is free and open to the public.

  • Diabetes/Hypertension

    **DONATION**Access to a primary care visit to discuss chronic health conditions including diabetes and hypertension.

  • Sexual Health

    **DONATION**A Sexual health visit including a full sexual health/STI screening panel.

  • Mammogram

    **DONATION**One mammogram for an uninsured person.

  • Counseling Sessions

    **DONATION**Two counseling sessions for an uninsured patient at risk for suicide or a person newly diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness.

  • IUD Contraception

    **DONATION**A gynecological exam including a pap smear, chest/breast exam, and insertion of a long-acting removable contraceptive device, reducing risk of unplanned pregnancy.

  • HIV Care for Women

    **DONATION**Access to a full year of healthcare visits and necessary vaccines to a woman living with HIV.

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