About Our Organization


For 155 years, Lawrence Hall has been delivering high quality care to youth and their families throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.


Not only has our organization grown over the years, but it has also redefined how our youth who have experienced trauma are educated and treated.

Lawrence Hall is a statewide leader in highly-effective, evidence-based, and innovative therapeutic treatment. Our unique continuum of care has positioned us to meet the changing and complex needs of youth and families by not only becoming more community-based, but by also developing more preventative programs that help curb violence in our communities.

Serving over 1,400 youth and families annually, Lawrence Hall is a pathway to success and a better tomorrow. Take a moment to visit our website and see the change that Lawrence Hall is making in the lives of so many. We encourage you to open your heart and be a part of that change.


Hope, healing and resiliency for children.


Lawrence Hall is a community-based service agency embracing at-risk youth and their families by instilling resilience, healing, and changing lives for good.