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Since our founding in 1984, The Lincoln Park Conservancy has been at the forefront of historic conservation and restoration, park program development, ecological restoration, sustainability issues, and park management. We were the first public-private partnership in the Chicago Park District, and the first park conservancy in the City of Chicago. Throughout our 34-year history, we have raised millions of private dollars to benefit the Park. Working with 1,214 acres of the most highly used, and abused, park land in Chicago means Lincoln Park will always be in need of our assistance. From antiquated playlots to crumbling running paths, and leaking historic buildings to weed-infested gardens, we seek to break the cycle of neglect by filling the gap between government budget cuts and the needs of the peoples’ park. Through our focused and expert efforts, we are successfully creating a better park one project at a time. We have restored the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool which earned the site National Historic Landmark status, conserved historic monuments, developed Master Plans for the Lincoln Park Conservatory and Gardens, and the North Pond Nature Sanctuary, reached tens of thousands of school children, adults, and seniors with out public programs, sat on the steering committee to develop the Lincoln Park Framework Plan of 1995, sit on the new Revive the Drive park-user task force, and logged countless hours in the field managing our donor-restored park projects. You don't get any greener than that.

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