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We are currently finalizing our plans for phase one of our Vision and Master Plan for the North Pond Nature Sanctuary—the natural playscape. This new concept in outdoor play will be like nothing else in Chicago. Grass, flowers, shade trees, and play features made of natural materials will be combined with “naturalized” traditional play equipment such as swings and slides—and will reflect the wonders of the nearby North Pond. Studies increasingly illustrate the importance of unstructured play in our fast-paced, digital world. Medical research has found regular exposure to outdoor nature settings can benefit chiLdren in may ways; it can reduce ADD symptoms, increase scores on standardized tests, improve critical thinking skills, and reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It isn’t bad for the parents either!

By attending this signature event, you will be directly contributing to The Lincoln Park Conservancy and its current projects. Everything from ticket sales to donations will be put towards supporting the cause. There will be dinner, drinks, and dancing with accompaniment by The Stitely Orchestra, and our live auctioneer from The Second City will also be undoubtedly entertaining. Come mix and mingle with your Lincoln Park neighbors and support the non-profit that supports your park!

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