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2021 Tartan Bash

Join us tonight at 7pm right here to watch our 2021 Virtual Tartan Bash! Do you need a bid number or a fresh auction link? Text MTEF to 61094

We are better together!
Glad you are joining the fun
to support
educational excellence at all six schools.


Donors like you help students succeed. Thank you. We look forward to connecting on March 6th. We are better together!

Most Sincerely,

The MTEF Board of Directors and Tartan Bash Team 
Kathlyn Albert, Cindy Anderson, Ann Marie Arvoy, Mark Baden, Dana Bartol, Katie Beiser, Andrea Bennett, Sue Birmingham, Melissa Bleidorn, Kathy Blume, Shana Brewer, Jeridon Clark, Chris Doughty, Maya Djurasovic, Greg Hartwig, Karrie Fiorentini, Kailyn Garro, Melissa Gehl, Kathleen Gill, Lynn Grosso, Lee Heinrich, Connie Kittleson, Teresa Kennedy, Traci Kurtin, Ellen Leeney, Dani Melgaard, Kerry Meskin, Erin Oberndorfer, Tom Price, Alexandra Ridgway, Katie Read, Robin Schlei, Thadd Stankowski, Chris Timm, Carolyn Timmis, Linda Walsh, Aree Wichman, Lexie Wirth, Megan Wunsch and Andi Zimmerman. 


PS: Check out the philanthropic-minded Tartan Bash sponsors. Let us spotlight your business--details here. Registration questions or concerns? Contact Connie Kittleson / / 262-389-1055.


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