About Our Organization

Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to saving the lives of senior pets. Young at Heart rescues 100% of our senior pets from open-door shelters, reducing the euthanasia rate for adoptable senior pets at area shelters. Young at Heart also provides community outreach to help keep our senior pets out of shelters in the first place, from providing pet food to low-income food pantries, to educating the public on senior pet care, to helping other organizations network their senior pets.

Young at Heart has just completed a safe haven designed just for senior pets. Smokey's Haven will house animals that are not yet placed, or that are unlikely to be placed and will allow Young at Heart to provide even more senior dogs and cats with a second chance.

Young at Heart's mission is not only to save the lives of those senior pets, but also to change the way people view and treat older dogs and cats, and to let senior pets enjoy the twilight of their lives through rescue, foster, adoption, and sanctuary.

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