About Our Organization

The 2019 Annual McGaw YMCA Gala, supported by Lead Sponsor, Northwestern University, Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation, and Thomas F. and Susan P. Moran at the McGaw YMCA Sebring-Lewis Center. The evening convenes Evanston to celebrate and support McGaw’s full spectrum of programming. The event experience will focus on connecting Evanston’s community with the McGaw YMCA, its programs and mission. Featuring creative food and custom cocktails, guests will engage with each other and McGaw leadership throughout the evening.

Throughout the night you will have the opportunity engage fully in the McGaw experience through our mission activation stations and gain a better understanding of the many facets of McGaw - the programs and the people that come together here. When you leave our event, it our hope that you will see how breadth of programming reaches every ward, neighborhood, and home across Evanston, and is welcoming to all. 

We are intentional in our commitment to being a place where everyone can find wat they need to grow in mind, body and spirit. That is our commitment to you and to our community. 

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