Zoofari 2021 – Looking For Our HEROES

SEPTEMBER 10, 2021
Omaha Zoo, Omaha, NEBRASKA
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Zoofari 2021

Looking For Our HEROS


Zoofari 2021 - Looking For Our HEROS is SOLD OUT!

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Adopt An Animal

  • African Elephant

    The largest terrestrial mammal, elephants are majestic and sure to take your breath away. ... Read more

    $5,000 Sold Out
  • African Lion

    A symbol of strength, the African lion is an iconic animal of the savanna. Living in group... Read more

    $2,500 Sold Out
  • Flamingo

    Funky and fabulous, flamingos are an iconic bird that loves to stand out! With long legs a... Read more

    $1,000 Sold Out
  • Sloth

    Slow and steady! The sloth is a master at taking it easy, spending it’s life high up in th... Read more

    $500 Sold Out
  • Harbor Seal

    A wonder in the water, the harbor seal is a master diver and swimmer. They can hold their ... Read more

    $250 Sold Out
  • Burmese Mountain Tortoise

    The largest tortoise found in Asia, Burmese Mountain Tortoises can reach 2 feet long and u... Read more

    $125 Sold Out
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